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                      September 23, 2018 Dealing With Disagreement
                      September 30, 2018 The Original Jailhouse Rock
                      October 7 A Message From Mars
                      October 14 You Are Not Alone
                      October 20 Something Seems To Be Missing Here
                      October 27 At Church…But Bored to Death
                      Attitude of Gratitude Sermon Series:
                      November 11 Hallelujah
                      November 18 Giving Thanks Is More than Just a Holiday
                      Novembers 25 That Is Impossible!!
                      God’s Greatest Gift Sermon Series:
                      December 8, 2018 Baptism Service
The Church Sermon Series:
The Miracle Man Sermon Series
April 14, 2019 Jungle Jen 9am Service

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