1 KINGS Continued…
What is the most surprising, the most encouraging, or the most challenging thing you learned while reading these chapters today? Application
How does God want you to believe or behave differently because of the truths you read in these chapters today?
Spend 3-5 minutes praying about the information and application God has revealed to you through these chapters today
1 Kings Chapter 3
1Ki 3:1: Solomon marries Pharaoh’s daughter.
1Ki 3:2-4: High places being in use, Solomon sacrifices at Gibeon.
1Ki 3:5-15: Solomon at Gibeon, in the choice which God gave him, preferring wisdom, obtains wisdom, riches, and honour.
1Ki 3:16-28: Solomon’s judgment makes him renowned.
1 Kings Chapter 4
1Ki 4:1-6: Solomon’s princes.
1Ki 4:7-19: His twelve officers for provision.
1Ki 4:20-21: The peace and largeness of his kingdom.
1Ki 4:22-25: His daily provision.
1Ki 4:26-28: His stables.
1Ki 4:29-34: His wisdom.
1 Kings Chapter 5
1Ki 5:1-6: Hiram, sending to congratulate Solomon, is desired to furnish him with timber to build the temple.
1Ki 5:7-12: Hiram, blessing God for Solomon, and requesting food for his family, furnishes him with trees.
1Ki 5:13-18: The number of Solomon’s workmen and labourers
1 Kings Chapter 6
1Ki 6:1-4: The building of Solomon’s temple.
1Ki 6:5-10: The chambers thereof.
1Ki 6:11-14: God’s promise unto it.
1Ki 6:15-22: The ceiling and adorning of it.
1Ki 6:23-30: The cherubims.
1Ki 6:31-35: The doors.
1Ki 6:36: The court.
1Ki 6:37-38: The time of building it.
1 Kings Chapter 7
1Ki 7:1: The building of Solomon’s house.
1Ki 7:2-5: Of the house of Lebanon.
1Ki 7:6: Of the porch of pillars.
1Ki 7:7: Of the porch of judgment.
1Ki 7:8-12: Of the house for Pharaoh’s daughter.
1Ki 7:13-22: Hiram’s work of the two pillars.
1Ki 7:23-26: Of the molten sea.
1Ki 7:27-37: Of the ten bases.
1Ki 7:38-39: Of the ten lavers,
1Ki 7:40-51: and all the vessels.
1 Kings Chapter 8
1Ki 8:1-11: The feast of the dedication of the temple.
1Ki 8:12-21: Solomon’s blessing.
1Ki 8:22-53: Solomon’s prayer.
1Ki 8:54-61: Solomon’s blessing. 1Ki 8:62-66: His sacrifice of peace offerings.
1 Kings Chapter 9
1Ki 9:1-9. God’s covenant in a vision with Solomon.
1Ki 9:10-14. The mutual presents of Solomon and Hiram.
1Ki 9:15-23. In Solomon’s works the Gentiles were his bondmen, the Israelites honourable servants.
1Ki 9:24. Pharaoh’s daughter removes to her house.
1Ki 9:25. Solomon’s yearly solemn sacrifices.
1Ki 9:26-28. His navy fetches gold from Ophir.
1 Kings Chapter 10
1Ki 10:1-13. The queen of Sheba admires the wisdom of Solomon.
1Ki 10:14-15. Solomon’s gold.
1Ki 10:16-17. His targets.
1Ki 10:18-20. The throne of ivory.
1Ki 10:21-23. His vessels.
1Ki 10:24-25. His presents.
1Ki 10:26-27. His chariots and horse.
1Ki 10:28-29. His tribute.
1 Kings Chapter 11
1Ki 11:1-3. Solomon’s wives and concubines.
1Ki 11:4-8. In his old age they draw him to idolatry.
1Ki 11:9-13. God threatens him.
1Ki 11:14-22. Solomon’s adversaries were Hadad, who was entertained in Egypt;
1Ki 11:23-25. Rezon, who reigned in Damascus;
1Ki 11:26-40. and Jeroboam, to whom Ahijah prophesied.
1Ki 11:41-43. Solomon’s acts, reign, and death. Rehoboam succeeds him.
1 Kings Chapter 12
1Ki 12:1-5. The Israelites, assembled at Shechem to crown Rehoboam, by Jeroboam make a suit of relaxation unto him.
1Ki 12:6-15. Rehoboam, refusing the old men’s counsel, answers them roughly.
1Ki 12:16-20. Ten tribes revolting, kill Adoram, and make Rehoboam flee.
1Ki 12:21-24. Rehoboam, raising an army, is forbidden by Shemaiah.
1Ki 12:25. Jeroboam strengthens himself by cities;
1Ki 12:26-33. and by the idolatry of the two calves.
1 Kings Chapter 13
1Ki 13:1-5. Jeroboam’s hand withers,
1Ki 13:6. and at the prayer of the prophet is restored.
1Ki 13:7-10. The prophet departs from Beth-el.
1Ki 13:11-19. An old prophet brings him back.
1Ki 13:20-22. He is reproved by God,
1Ki 13:23-25. slain by a lion,
1Ki 13:26-30. buried by the old prophet,
1Ki 13:31-32. who confirms his prophecy.
1Ki 13:33-34. Jeroboam’s obstinacy.
1 Kings Chapter 14
1Ki 14:1-4. Abijah being sick, Jeroboam sends his wife, disguised, with presents to the prophet Ahijah at Shiloh.
1Ki 14:5-16. Ahijah, forewarned by God, denounces God’s judgment.
1Ki 14:17-18. Abijah dies, and is buried.
1Ki 14:19-20. Nadab succeeds Jeroboam.
1Ki 14:21-24. Rehoboam’s wicked reign.
1Ki 14:25-28. Shishak spoils Jerusalem.
1Ki 14:29-31. Abijam succeeds Rehoboam.
1 Kings Chapter 15
1Ki 15:1-6. Abijam’s wicked reign
1Ki 15:7-8. Asa succeeds him.
1Ki 15:9-15. Asa’s good reign.
1Ki 15:16-22. The war between Baasha and him causes him to make a league with Bed-hadad.
1Ki 15:23-24. Jehoshaphat succeeds Asa.
1Ki 15:25-26. Nadab’s wicked reign.
1Ki 15:27-30. Baasha conspiring against him, executes Ahijah’s prophecy.
1Ki 15:31-32. Nadab’s acts and death.
1Ki 15:33-34. Baasha’s wicked reign.
1 Kings Chapter 16
1Ki 16:1-4. Jehu’s prophecy against Baasha.
1Ki 16:5-7. Elah succeeds him.
1Ki 16:8-10. Zimri, conspiring against Elah, succeeds him.
1Ki 16:11-14. Zimri executes Jehu’s prophecy.
1Ki 16:15-20. Omri, made king by the soldiers, forces Zimri desperately to burn himself.
1Ki 16:21-22. The kingdom being divided, Omri prevails against Tibni.
1Ki 16:23-24. Omri builds Samaria.
1Ki 16:25-26. His wicked reign.
1Ki 16:27-28. Ahab succeeds him.
1Ki 16:29-33. Ahab’s most wicked reign.
1Ki 16:34. Joshua’s curse upon Hiel the builder of Jericho.
1 Kings Chapter 17
1Ki 17:1-7. Elijah, having prophesied against Ahab, is sent to Cherith where the ravens feed him.
1Ki 17:8-16. He is sent to the widow of Zarephath.
1Ki 17:17-23. He raises the widow’s son.
1Ki 17:24. The woman believes him.
1 Kings Chapter 18
1Ki 18:1-8. In the extremity of famine Elijah, sent to Ahab, meets good Obadiah.
1Ki 18:9-16. Obadiah brings Ahab to Elijah.
1Ki 18:17-40. Elijah, reproving Ahab, by fire from heaven convinces Baal’s prophets.
1Ki 18:41-46. Elijah, by prayer obtaining rain, follows Ahab to Jezreel.
1 Kings Chapter 19
1Ki 19:1-3. Elijah, threatened by Jezebel, flees to Beer-sheba.
1Ki 19:4-8. In the wilderness, being weary of his life, he is comforted by an angel.
1Ki 19:9-18. At Horeb God appears unto him, sending him to anoint Hazael, Jehu, and Elisha.
1Ki 19:19-21. Elisha, taking leave of his friends, follows Elijah.
1 Kings Chapter 20
1Ki 20:1-12. Ben-hadad, not content with Ahab’s homage, besieges Samaria.
1Ki 20:13-21. By the direction of a prophet, the Syrians are slain.
1Ki 20:22-27. As the prophet forewarned Ahab, the Syrians, trusting in the valleys, come against him in Aphek.
1Ki 20:28-30. By the word of the prophet, and God’s judgment, the Syrians are smitten again.
1Ki 20:31-34. The Syrians submitting themselves, Ahab sends Ben-hadad away with a covenant.
1Ki 20:35-43. The prophet, under the parable of a prisoner, making Ahab judge himself, denounces God’s judgment against him.
1 Kings Chapter 21
1Ki 21:1-4. Ahab being denied Naboth’s vineyard, is grieved.
1Ki 21:5-14. Jezebel writing letters against Naboth, he is condemned of blasphemy.
1Ki 21:15-16. Ahab take possession of the vineyard.
1Ki 21:17-24. Elijah denounces judgments against Ahab and Jezebel.
1Ki 21:25-29. Wicked Ahab repenting, God defers the judgment.
1 Kings Chapter 22
1Ki 22:1-36. Ahab, seduced by false prophets, according to the word of Micaiah, is slain at Ramoth-gilead.
1Ki 22:37-40. The dogs lick up his blood, and Ahaziah succeeds him.
1Ki 22:41-44. Jehoshaphat’s good reign.
1Ki 22:45. His acts. 1Ki 22:46-50. Jehoram succeeds him.
1Ki 22:51-53. Ahaziah’s evil reign.
2 Kings Chapter 1
2Ki 1:1. Moab rebels. 2Ki 1:2-4. Ahaziah, sending to Baal-zebub, hath his judgment by Elijah.
2Ki 1:5-12. Elijah twice brings fire from heaven upon them whom Ahaziah sent to apprehend him.
2Ki 1:13-16. He pities the third captain, and, encouraged by an angel, tells the king of his death.
2Ki 1:17-18. Jehoram succeeds Ahaziah.
2 Kings Chapter 2
2Ki 2:1-8. Elijah, taking his leave of Elisha, with his mantle divides Jordan;
2Ki 2:9-11. and, granting Elisha his request, is taken up by a fiery chariot into heaven.
2Ki 2:12-15. Elisha, dividing Jordan with Elijah’s mantle, is acknowledged his successor.
2Ki 2:16-18. The young prophets, hardly obtaining leave to seek Elijah, cannot find him.
2Ki 2:19-22. Elisha with salt heals the unwholesome waters.
2Ki 2:23-25. Bears destroy the children that mocked Elisha.
2 Kings Chapter 3
2Ki 3:1-3. Jehoram’s reign.
2Ki 3:4-5. Mesha rebels.
2Ki 3:6-20. Jehoram, with Jehoshaphat, and the king of Edom, being distressed for want of water, by Elisha obtains water, and promise of victory.
2Ki 3:21-25. The Moabites, deceived by the colour of the water, coming to spoil, are overcome.
2Ki 3:26-27. The king of Moab, failing in his attempt to break through to the king of Edom, sacrifices his son, and raises the siege.
2 Kings Chapter 4
2Ki 4:1-7. Elisha multiplies the widow’s oil.
2Ki 4:8-17. He obtains a son for the good Shunammite.
2Ki 4:18-37. He restores her son when dead.
2Ki 4:38-41. At Gilgal he heals the deadly pottage.
2Ki 4:42-44. He satisfies an hundred men with twenty loaves.
2 Kings Chapter 5
2Ki 5:1-7. Naaman, by the report of a captive maid, is sent to Samaria to be cured of his leprosy.
2Ki 5:8-14. Elisha, sending him to Jordan cures him.
2Ki 5:15-19. He refusing Naaman’s gifts grants him some of the earth.
2Ki 5:20-27. Gehazi, abusing his master’s name unto Naaman, is smitten with leprosy.
2 Kings Chapter 6
2Ki 6:1-7. Elisha, giving leave to the young prophets to enlarge their dwellings, causes iron to swim.
2Ki 6:8-12. He discloses the king of Syria’s counsel.
2Ki 6:13-18. The army which was sent to Dothan to apprehend Elisha, is smitten with blindness.
2Ki 6:19-23. Being brought into Samaria, they are dismissed in peace.
2Ki 6:24-29. The famine in Samaria causes women to eat their own children.
2Ki 6:30-33. The king sends to slay Elisha.
2 Kings Chapter 7
2Ki 7:1-2. Elisha prophesies incredible plenty in Samaria.
2Ki 7:3-11. Four lepers, venturing on the host of the Syrians, bring tidings of their flight.
2Ki 7:12-16. The king, finding by spies the news to be true, spoils the tents of the Syrians.
2Ki 7:17-20. The lord who would not believe the prophecy of plenty, having the charge of the gate, is trodden to death in the press.
2 Kings Chapter 8
2Ki 8:1-6. The Shunammite, having left her country seven years, to avoid the forewarned famine, for Elisha’s miracle’s sake has her land restored by the king.
2Ki 8:7-15. Hazael, being sent with a present by Ben-hadad to Elisha at Damascus, after he had heard the prophecy, kills his master, and succeeds him.
2Ki 8:16-19. Jehoram’s wicked reign in Judah.
2Ki 8:20-22. Edom and Libnah revolt.
2Ki 8:23-24. Ahaziah succeeds Jehoram.
2Ki 8:25-27. Ahaziah’s wicked reign.
2Ki 8:28-29. He visits Joram, being wounded, at Jezreel.
2 Kings Chapter 9
2Ki 9:1-3. Elisha sends a young prophet with instructions to anoint Jehu at Ramoth-gilead.
2Ki 9:4-10. The prophet having done his message, flees.
2Ki 9:11-26. Jehu, being made king by the soldiers, kills Joram in the field of Naboth.
2Ki 9:27-29. Ahaziah is slain at Gur, and buried at Jerusalem.
2Ki 9:30-37. Proud Jezebel is thrown down out of a window, and eaten by dogs.
2 Kings Chapter 10
2Ki 10:1-7. Jehu, by his letters, causes seventy of Ahab’s children to be beheaded.
2Ki 10:8-11. He excuses the fact by the prophecy of Elijah.
2Ki 10:12-14. At the shearing house he slays two and forty of Ahaziah’s brethren.
2Ki 10:15-17. He takes Jehonadab into his company.
2Ki 10:18-28. By subtilty he destroys all the worshippers of Baal.
2Ki 10:29-31. Jehu follows Jeroboam’s sins.
2Ki 10:32-33. Hazael oppresses Israel.
2Ki 10:34-36. Jehoahaz succeeds Jehu.
2 Kings Chapter 11
2Ki 11:1-3. Jehoash, being saved by Jehosheba his aunt from Athaliah’s massacre of the seed royal, is hid six years in the house of God. 2Ki 11:4-12. Jehoiada, giving order to the captains, in the seventh year anoints him king.
2Ki 11:13-16. Athaliah is slain.
2Ki 11:17-21. Jehoiada restores the worship of God.
2 Kings Chapter 12
2Ki 12:1-3. Jehoash reigns well all the days of Jehoiada.
2Ki 12:4-16. He gives order for the repair of the temple.
2Ki 12:17-18. Hazael is diverted from Jerusalem by a present of the hallowed treasures.
2Ki 12:19-21. Jehoash being slain, Amaziah succeeds him.
2 Kings Chapter 13
2Ki 13:1-2. Jehoahaz’s wicked reign.
2Ki 13:3-7. Jehoahaz, oppressed by Hazael, is relieved by prayer.
2Ki 13:8-9. Joash succeeds him.
2Ki 13:10-11. His wicked reign.
2Ki 13:12-13. Jeroboam succeeds him.
2Ki 13:14-19. Elisha dying, prophesies to Joash three victories over the Syrians.
2Ki 13:20-21. The Moabites invading the land, Elisha’s bones raise a dead man.
2Ki 13:22-25. Joash gets three victories over Ben-hadad.
2 Kings Chapter 14
2Ki 14:1-4. Amaziah’s good reign.
2Ki 14:5-6. His justice on the murderers of his father.
2Ki 14:7. His victory over Edom.
2Ki 14:8-14. Amaziah, provoking Jehoash, is overcome and spoiled.
2Ki 14:15-16. Jeroboam succeeds Jehoash.
2Ki 14:17-20. Amaziah slain by a conspiracy.
2Ki 14:21-22. Azariah succeeds him.
2Ki 14:23-27. Jeroboam’s wicked reign.
2Ki 14:28-29. Zachariah succeeds him.
2 Kings Chapter 15
2Ki 15:1-4. Azariah’s good reign.
2Ki 15:5-7. He dying a leper, Jotham succeeds.
2Ki 15:8-12. Zachariah the last of Jehu’s generation, reigning ill, is slain by Shallum.
2Ki 15:13-15. Shallum, reigning a month, is slain by Menahem.
2Ki 15:16-20. Menahem strengthens himself by Pul.
2Ki 15:21-22. Pekahiah succeeds him.
2Ki 15:23-26. Pekahiah is slain by Pekah.
2Ki 15:27-31. Pekah is oppressed by Tiglath-pileser, and slain by Hoshea.
2Ki 15:32-35. Jotham’s good reign. 2Ki 15:36-38. Ahaz succeeds him.
2 Kings Chapter 16
2Ki 16:1-4. Ahaz’s wicked reign.
2Ki 16:5-9. Ahaz, assailed by Rezin and Pekah, hires Tiglath-pileser against them.
2Ki 16:10-16. Ahaz, sending a pattern of an altar from Damascus to Urijah, diverts the brazen altar to his own devotions.
2Ki 16:17-18. He spoils the temple.
2Ki 16:19-20. Hezekiah succeeds him.
2 Kings Chapter 17
2Ki 17:1-2. Hoshea’s wicked reign.
2Ki 17:3-4. Being subdued by Shalmaneser, he conspires against him with So, king of Egypt.
2Ki 17:5-23. Samaria for sinning is led into captivity.
2Ki 17:24-41. The strange nations which were transplanted into Samaria, being plagued with lions, make a mixture of religions.
2 Kings Chapter 18
2Ki 18:1-3. Hezekiah’s good reign.
2Ki 18:4-8. He destroys idolatry, and prospers.
2Ki 18:9-12. The inhabitants of Samaria are carried captive for their sins.
2Ki 18:13-16. Sennacherib invading Judah, is pacified by a tribute.
2Ki 18:17-37. Rab-shakeh, by blasphemous persuasions, solicits the people to revolt.
2 Kings Chapter 19
2Ki 19:1-5. Hezekiah mourning, sends to Isaiah to pray for them.
2Ki 19:6-7. Isaiah comforts them.
2Ki 19:8-13. Sennacherib, going to encounter Tirhakah, sends a blasphemous letter to Hezekiah.
2Ki 19:14-19. Hezekiah’s prayer.
2Ki 19:20-34. Isaiah’s prophecy of the pride and destruction of Sennacherib, and the good of Zion.
2Ki 19:35. An angel slays the Assyrians.
2Ki 19:36-37. Sennacherib is slain by his own sons.
2 Kings Chapter 20
2Ki 20:1-7. Hezekiah, having received a message of death, by prayer has his life lengthened.
2Ki 20:8-11. The sun goes ten degrees backward for a sign of that promise.
2Ki 20:12-13. Berodach-baladan sending to visit Hezekiah, because of the wonder, has notice of his treasures.
2Ki 20:14-19. Isaiah understanding thereof, foretells the Babylonian captivity.
2Ki 20:20-21. Manasseh succeeds Hezekiah.
2 Kings Chapter 21
2Ki 21:1-2. Manasseh’s reign.
2Ki 21:3-9. His great idolatry.
2Ki 21:10-16. His wickedness causes prophecies against Judah.
2Ki 21:17-18. Amon succeeds him.
2Ki 21:19-22. Amon’s wicked reign.
2Ki 21:23-26. He being slain by his servants, and those murderers slain by the people, Josiah is made king.
2 Kings Chapter 22
2Ki 22:1-2. Josiah’s good reign.
2Ki 22:3-7. He takes care for the repair of the temple.
2Ki 22:8-14. Hilkiah having found a book of the law, Josiah sends to Huldah to inquire of the Lord.
2Ki 22:15-20. Huldah prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem, but respite thereof in Josiah’s time.
2 Kings Chapter 23
2Ki 23:1-2. Josiah causes the book to be read in a solemn assembly.
2Ki 23:3. He renews the covenant of the Lord.
2Ki 23:4-14. He destroys idolatry.
2Ki 23:15-20. He burns dead men’s bones upon the altar of Beth-el, as was fore-prophesied.
2Ki 23:21-23. He keeps a most solemn passover.
2Ki 23:24-25. He puts away witches and all abomination.
2Ki 23:26-28. God’s final wrath against Judah.
2Ki 23:29-30. Josiah, provoking Pharaoh-nechoh, is slain at Megiddo.
2Ki 23:31-35. Jehoahaz, succeeding him, is imprisoned by Pharaoh-nechoh, who makes Jehoiakim king.
2Ki 23:36-37. Jehoiakim’s wicked reign.
2 Kings Chapter 24
2Ki 24:1-4. Jehoiakim, first subdued by Nebuchadnezzar, then rebelling against him, procures his own ruin.
2Ki 24:5-6. Jehoiachin succeeds him.
2Ki 24:7. The king of Egypt is vanquished by the king of Babylon.
2Ki 24:8-9. Jehoiachin’s evil reign.
2Ki 24:10-16. Jerusalem is taken and carried captive into Babylon.
2Ki 24:17-20. Zedekiah is made king, and reigns ill, unto the utter destruction of Judah.
2 Kings Chapter 25
2Ki 25:1-3. Jerusalem is besieged.
2Ki 25:4-7. Zedekiah taken, his sons slain, his eyes put out.
2Ki 25:8-12. Nebuzar-adan defaces the city, carries the remnant, except a few poor labourers, into captivity;
2Ki 25:13-17. and spoils and carries away the treasures.
2Ki 25:18-21. The nobles are slain at Riblah.
2Ki 25:22-26. Gedaliah, who was over them that remained, being slain, the rest flee into Egypt.
2Ki 25:27-30. Evil-merodach advances Jehoiachin in his court.
1 Chronicles Chapter 1
1Ch 1:1-4. Adam’s line to Noah.
1Ch 1:5-7. The sons of Japheth.
1Ch 1:8-16. The sons of Ham.
1Ch 1:17-23. The sons of Shem.
1Ch 1:24-28. Shem’s line to Abraham.
1Ch 1:29-31. Ishmael’s sons.
1Ch 1:32-33. The sons of Keturah.
1Ch 1:34-37. The posterity of Abraham by Esau.
1Ch 1:38-42. The sons of Seir.
1Ch 1:43-50. The kings of Edom.
1Ch 1:51-54. The dukes of Edom.
1 Chronicles Chapter 2
1Ch 2:1-2. The sons of Israel.
1Ch 2:3-12. The posterity of Judah by Tamar.
1Ch 2:13-17. The children of Jesse.
1Ch 2:18-20. The posterity of Caleb the son of Hezron.
1Ch 2:21-24. Hezron’s posterity by the daughter of Machir.
1Ch 2:25-33. Jerahmeel’s posterity.
1Ch 2:34-41. Sheshan’s posterity.
1Ch 2:42-49. Another branch of Caleb’s posterity.
1Ch 2:50-55.
The posterity of Caleb the son of Hur.
1 Chronicles Chapter 3
1Ch 3:1-9. The sons of David.
1Ch 3:10-16. His line to Zedekiah.
1Ch 3:17-24. The successors of Jeconiah.
1 Chronicles Chapter 4
1Ch 4:1-4. The posterity of Judah by Caleb, the son of Hur.
1Ch 4:5-8. Of Ashur, the posthumous son Hezron.
1Ch 4:9-10. Of Jabez, and his prayer.
1Ch 4:11-20. The other families of the same stock.
1Ch 4:21-23. The sons of Shelah.
1Ch 4:24-38. The posterity and cities of Simeon.
1Ch 4:39-43. Their conquest of Gedor, and of the Amalekites in mount Seir.
1 Chronicles Chapter 5
1Ch 5:1-2. Judah and Joseph preferred before Reuben, who forfeited his birthright.
1Ch 5:3-10. Ruben’s descendants; some of whom vanquish the Hagarites.
1Ch 5:11-17. The chief men of Gad, and their habitations.
1Ch 5:18-22. Ruben, Gad, and half of Manasseh, obtain a victory over the Hagarites.
1Ch 5:23-24. The habitations and chief men of that half of Manasseh.
1Ch 5:25-26. The captivity of the two tribes and half, for their sins.
1 Chronicles Chapter 6
1Ch 6:1-3. The sons of Levi.
1Ch 6:4-15. The line of Eleazar unto the captivity.
1Ch 6:16-48. The families of Gershom, Kohath, and Merari.
1Ch 6:49-53. The office of Aaron, and his line unto Ahimaaz.
1Ch 6:54-81. The cities of the priests and Levites.
1 Chronicles Chapter 7
1Ch 7:1-5. The sons of Issachar;
1Ch 7:6-12. of Benjamin;
1Ch 7:13. of Naphtali;
1Ch 7:14. of Manasseh;
1Ch 7:15-20. and of Ephraim.
1Ch 7:21-22. The calamity of Ephraim by the men of Gath.
1Ch 7:23-27. His posterity by Beriah.
1Ch 7:28-29. Their habitations.
1Ch 7:30-40. The sons of Asher.
1 Chronicles Chapter 8
1Ch 8:1-32. The sons and chief men of Benjamin.
1Ch 8:33-40. The stock of Saul and Jonathan.
1 Chronicles Chapter 9
1Ch 9:1. The original of Israel and Judah’s genealogies.
1Ch 9:2-9. The Israelites;
1Ch 9:10-13. the priests;
1Ch 9:14-26. and the Levites, with Nethinims, which dwelt in Jerusalem.
1Ch 9:27-34. The charge of certain Levites.
1Ch 9:35-44. The stock of Saul and Jonathan.
1 Chronicles Chapter 10
1Ch 10:1-7. Saul’s overthrow and death.
1Ch 10:8-10. The Philistines triumph over Saul.
1Ch 10:11-12. The kindness of Jabesh-gilead towards Saul and his sons.
1Ch 10:13-14. Saul’s sin, for which the kingdom was translated from him to David.
1 Chronicles Chapter 11
1Ch 11:1-3. David by general consent is made king at Hebron.
1Ch 11:4-9. He wins the castle of Zion from the Jebusites by Joab’s valour.
1Ch 11:10-47. A catalogue of David’s mighty men.
1 Chronicles Chapter 12
1Ch 12:1-22. The companies that came to David at Ziklag.
1Ch 12:23-40. The armies that came to him at Hebron.
1 Chronicles Chapter 13
1Ch 13:1-8. David fetches the ark with great solemnity from Kirjath- jearim.
1Ch 13:9-14. Uzza being smitten, the ark is left at the house of Obed- edom.
1 Chronicles Chapter 14
1Ch 14:1. Hiram’s kindness to David.
1Ch 14:2-7. David’s felicity in people, wives, and children.
1Ch 14:8-17. His two victories against the Philistines.
1 Chronicles Chapter 15
1Ch 15:1-24. David having prepared a place for the ark, the priests and Levites bring it from Obed-edom.
1Ch 15:25-28. He performs the solemnity thereof with great joy.
1Ch 15:29. Michal despises him.
1 Chronicles Chapter 16
1Ch 16:1-3. David’s festival sacrifice.
1Ch 16:4-6. He orders a choir to sing thanksgiving.
1Ch 16:7-36. The psalm of thanksgiving.
1Ch 16:37-43. He appoints ministers, porters, priests, and musicians, to attend continually on the ark.